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The most important reasons to apply for U.S. citizenship are eligibility to vote, obtain certain scholarships and federal jobs, and becoming a full-time participant in American society. Additionally, a U.S. citizen cannot be deported.



  • 18 + years of age

  • Be lawfully admitted for permanent residency

  • LPR (Lawful Permanent Resident) for 5 years unless married to a USC (US citizen) then the rule is 3 years *If spouse is USC for 3 years and the parties are married for 3 years*

  • Rules allow you to seek naturalization under the 3 year provision even if you did not adjust based on qualifying marriage (Ex. became LPR through work program but married USC later)

  • If adjusted as battered spouse of USC, LPR required for 3 years only

  • Must demonstrate GOOD MORAL CHARACTER during the statutory period (either 5 or 3 years prior to filing naturalization and also after filing naturalization until the swear in)

  • Must reside at least 3 months in the CIS District (State where you file) before filing

  • Pass English and Civics test

  • Must satisfy physical presence and continuous residence requirement


B&R Law Group provides consultations during which we review your immigration history to asses if you are eligible for citizenship and whether it is wise to apply. Our office focuses in analyzing the complex set of immigration laws surrounding naturalization and citizenship and determining eligibility.

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